Capturing the Light without a Camera


Last night I saw the most magical light. Golden sun setting over the Seine River, illuminating buildings, bridges, and faces with this soft, warm, inviting glow. I am staying on a tiny island in the middle of Paris connected to the rest of the city by a number of bridges, and it so happens that these bridges seem to be where the buskers like to play.

So there is this light, and there is this music, and, well, it’s kinda magical. One musician had a full-on, upright piano out on the bridge. He played passionately and drew a large and appreciative crowd. Another had an audience of few, but his steel guitar captured and reflected the light beautifully, and he sang with soul.


Did I mention I didn’t have my fancy DSLR camera with me? Photographers call the time right after sunrise and right before sunset the “golden hour” because the light is ideal for great pictures. I know this, so I should probably have brought my camera to dinner with me. But I didn’t.

And guess what? I don’t care! Taking pictures is fun and satisfying and exciting even, but it is not a replacement for seeing and experiencing things in person, in real time, in real life. Β A camera (at least in the hands of an amateur like me) does not capture the kind of light I saw in Paris last night.


Of course, I had my phone, so I got some shots anyway. πŸ™‚


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