The Master Procrastinator

As a lifelong procrastinator, the humor is not lost on me when I am charged with helping my students hone their time management skills. Do as I say, not as I do, kids!

And so it came to pass today that I was finally finishing this week’s photography homework at 9:30 a.m., just in time for my 10:00 class. This week (errr…really, the last 24 hours), I practiced with panning and zoom burst techniques.

First, the zoom burst shots, taken at school yesterday.

Zoom Burst 1

Zoom Burst 2

Next, the panning shots. These were fun! I took the two car shots last night.

Panning Car 1

Panning Car 2

During our critique today, my instructor suggested I make this last panning shot black and white. I am pleased with how it came out.


Next up, night photography. Let’s see how much I procrastinate this week!


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