About Anna

A few random things about me:

My dog Sadie is a thirteen year old Pomeranian mix who, I hope, will live forever. I adopted her from Atlanta Pet Rescue, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life. She is a very calm and quiet pup who loves sleeping and lounging more than anything else in the world. This is Sadie one day after she decided our walk had gone too far.


I have met exactly one famous person in my life, the incomparable Yo Yo Ma. If I never meet another famous person, I will be perfectly satisfied. Yo Yo Ma says things like, “Passion makes you generous. If you really love something, you want to tell others about it.” I know he says things like that because I heard him say that.


I am fascinated by a lot of things, but I am most drawn to art and all kinds of creative endeavors. I have been known to tear up at all of the following: a beautiful painting or photograph, a medieval stained glass window, a truthful metaphor, an acoustic guitar, a perfect sentence, a pure harmony, a chorus of voices, a string quartet.


I guess at this stage in my life, my career defines me more than anything else. I am thankful to have a career I love and am proud to claim. Teaching has given me far more gifts than I have given to it. I teach middle school English, eighth grade to be exact. This is a statement that provokes looks of horror from most people, but I honestly can’t imagine teaching any other age. Eighth graders are, to use an eighth grade word, awesome. I love my students, I love my colleagues, and I work at an amazing school. What more could I ask for!?

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